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Our exclusive technology makes the economic, liquid concentrate formulation more convenient and easier to use. Contained within single dose plastic tubes, simply snap off the top, mix and apply that is all there is to it. Weedol Rootkill Plus is a systemic weed killer, killing all garden broad-leaved and grass weeds down to the roots so they would not grow back. One application is enough to kill all but the most stubborn garden weeds. Do not apply to lawns or plants if you want to keep them. Apply using a sprayer or watering can.As the weed killer degrades on contact with soil, you can replant or sow soon after planting (after at least one day is recommended). Results begin to be visible in just 24 hours with weeds dying within 28 days. Weedol Rootkill Plus should be applied from April to November, when the weeds are actively growing. Apply on a dry day and do not apply in windy conditions. Re-treat if rain falls within 6 hours of application.

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