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Organic Potato/Veg Feed 1.5Kg


Our Organic Potato & Vegetable Feed from Westland comes in a 1.5kg box. These ready-to-use granules can be applied directly from the pack and are ideal for feeding potatoes and all types of root vegetables to encourage strong healthy root growth.

When to apply: Apply early in the season as a base fertiliser when preparing your vegetable beds for planting and then apply an additional feed 3-4 weeks after planting to ensure a top qaulity and healthy yield.
How to use: Spread 100g/sqm of granules (approximately two handfuls) evenly over the bare soil and work into the soil whilst digging or using a rake, duing the final preperation of vegetable beds. The base dressing should be applied 2-3 weeks before planting your vegetables to allow the fertiliser to start working.
How to use: An additional feed (approximately 50g/sqm or one handful) of organic Potato & Vegetable fertiliser should be applied 4-6 week after emergence by sprinkling evenly along the vegetable rows taking care not to get the fertiliser onto the plants.

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